About the children. Where they come from, their circumstances. How charity is able to ‘reform’ them.
Children are said to be “The pillar of the nation.” DOCS aims to take care of these future nation builders. They represent different classes, families and towns. Everyone has different backgrounds and features. We aim to help these needy children from different parts of the country through our charity work.

Why Sponsor A Child?

Many Nepalese children are the victims of never-ending poverty. They starve for days, hoping someone will come feed them and quench their thirst. They are plagued by disease. Deprived of their educational rights, they never get the chance to show their abilities.

As a sponsor, you can help a child access basic needs like proper and nutritious food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education.

How It Works

Select a child you are intending to support, fill up the application form attached in the site and submit, you will receive membership confirmation from Central Administration bureau of DOCS. You will have to send sponsorship money in every quarterly in advance.

* Sponsors are allowed to send gift Items, letters, photographs or whatever they want.


How Much Does It Cost?

We have two kinds of sponsorships. One is full sponsorship and educational sponsorship.

Full Sponsorship

Full Sponsorship costs US$ 100.00/Child/month:
Full sponsorship covers everything a child needs in a month such as accommodation, educational cost, food minor health care and so on.

Educational sponsorship

Educational sponsorship cost US$ 50.00/Child/month: 
Educational sponsorship covers; Annual and monthly fees, Text books and supplies and uniforms (two pair of uniforms quoted by school, shocks, shoes, tie, and belt)