Our Projects

We began our work in Sindhupalchok district, a place well-known for child-abuse and the trafficking of young girls. Over the years we have expanded our efforts to support children from diverse circumstances.

DOCS Foundation Nepal now runs a number of charitable projects to relieve the effects of child poverty. These include: rehabilitation schemes for street children and child labor; health camps for children in remote villages; assistance for schools in rural areas; provision of educational scholarships for children from marginalized communities; support for orphans through our orphanages.

Children at a DOCS Foundation Nepal

Currently we have an orphanage in Lalitpur District. This care for more than 72 children of varying ages, including some with disabilities. In addition to these, we sponsor another 27 children across Nepal and this number will increase in the years to come.

As a non-governmental, charitable organization we rely solely on the generous assistance of our supporters and volunteers from around the world to run our charitable projects and maintain our services. Our Child Sponsorship program supports children by providing them with food, safe shelter, clothing, healthcare and full-time education.

DOCS Foundation’s Projects:

DOCS has been running projects in collaboration with INGOs, GO’s. DOCS has following projects in operation.
Our team has learnt that nothing is impossible if there is willpower.

Children’s Villages

DOCS Foundation Nepal is currently running two children’s villages: one in Kusunti, Lalitpur and one in Hetauda, Makawanpur. In total, 139 children of varying ages, including those with disabilities and hearing impairments, are being looked after.

Survey of Street Children

DOCS Foundation Nepal conducted a survey in Hetauda in order to collect data about street children inside the Hetauda municipality, to study the daily routine of the street children, to identify the hardships faced by the street children, and to provide support for their family reunification and rehabilitation.