Charitable Projects

We provide shelter, food, private education, healthcare and homely affection through the establishment of children’s homes in different parts of Nepal for the accommodation of orphaned, destitute and street children. Our work comprises a number of initiatives which:

1. Rehabilitate street children and socialize them in their family and society.
2. Educate children about conservation of their environment by conducting reforestation, sanitation and hygiene programs.
3. Award educational scholarships to children of marginalized communities.
4. Conduct Health Camps in the remote villages of Nepal in cooperation with national and international hospitals and doctors.
5. Help equip schools in rural areas with items such as books, computers and furniture.
6. Provide support for the construction of school buildings and drinking water supply systems for school children and their communities.
We currently have the following projects in operation:

Survey of Street Children

DOCS Foundation Nepal conducted a survey Kathmandu in order to collect data about street children inside the Kathmandu municipality in order to study the daily routine of these street children.

By identifying and understanding the hardships they face, we are able to provide support for their family reunification and rehabilitation into society.

Child Care Centre:

Our child care center is dedicated to provide basic needs to the poor, orphaned and marginalized children of Nepal. We have been doing this since 2002. We ensure safe play environment where they can have fun and learn different things from social interaction.